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T.L. JohnsonI'm Just Sayin'
By: T.L. Johnson

The U.S.A.’s Economic Mess and the Hypocrisy of It All
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C.C. Youngren

Robert Creamer, RIP
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In My Opinion
Lynn Paris


Voting for NObama


The other day I got so frustrated with what I considered another silly Facebook post that I made a point of responding to it on the poster’s home page. I probably shouldn’t have done that; she was just clicking the “like” button on something she agreed with, plus she’s my sister-in-law and someone I really love and admire. But the darn post just pushed my “response button. “

So, this is what I posted:  “I noticed that you liked "I will NOT vote for Obama in 2012." Isn’t it strange that the choice was between Obama and NObama . . . as opposed to between Obama and Romney? It's like, even though no one is thrilled with Romney, and everyone knows he's a total hypocrite on fundamental issues like health care, gun control and abortion, they still would rather vote for him (against their own interests, by the way, unless they're super-rich) than vote for Obama. Why is that?”

I was really just hoping to provoke something – a conversation or even a debate. I thought either she, or one of her like-minded friends would get into it with me . . . you know, maybe defend Romney, or tell me why they prefer him to Obama. But I got no comments, no rebuttals and definitely no likes. I got nothing. Same thing when I post my monthly blog; I link to it on Facebook and Twitter and hope that some conservative with strong convictions will take me on. But I get nothing.

What I want, and what I think we all deserve, is some reason to vote for Romney other than to defeat Obama.  I realize that the economy still sucks and that unemployment numbers are still high, way too high. The question is; does anyone know what Romney is planning to do to improve things? Because all I can figure out is that he’s planning to undo whatever Obama has done. That’s a shame, because at least the numbers have been improving every month. We’ve been going in the right direction. Can I infer that Romney plans to take us in the wrong direction?

In terms of growing the economy and creating jobs, Romney promised a plan that would create millions of jobs.  In fact, the plan states that “By changing course away from the policies of the current administration and ending economic uncertainty, we expect that the current recovery will align with the average gains of similar past recoveries.”

That sounds terrific, except that there ARE no similar past recoveries because there hasn’t been a similar past recession; what we’ve been going through cannot be compared to 1974-5 or 1981-2. There’s nothing traditional about the financial meltdown (inherited by Obama) which drove this country into its worst recession in 80 years. Ever since then, the downward spiral has been reversed, however slowly, by policies put into place by the Obama administration.

Yet, no one wants to hear about how much worse things could have been had there NOT been a stimulus. No one wants to hear about the fact that economies shaken by deep financial crisis recover very slowly.  Instead, still mired in a weak economy, many voters simply ignore the facts and think that Romney will be able to change things.

He can’t, because nothing he has proposed can possibly help the middle class; nothing he has proposed can fix what’s wrong with the even worse financial problems in Europe that affect us, and nothing he has proposed will suddenly increase consumer demand for products and services . . . the real reason why jobs aren’t being created.

In fact, according to the Tax Policy Center, a non-partisan group that analyzed the tax plan put forth by Romney, “any revenue-neutral individual income tax change that incorporates the features Governor Romney has proposed would provide large tax cuts to high-income households, and increase the tax burdens on middle- and/or lower-income taxpayers.”

Just what we need, right?

Yet people who want Obama gone just want him gone. They can’t tell me why. They can’t tell me what Romney is going to do for them or for the country.  They seem unable or unwilling to defend Romney. They just want to vote for NObama. Why is that?

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