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News & Views
The Way I See It
By: Joseph C. Phillips

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LNPIn My Opinion By:Lynn Paris

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Michael TorchiaOperation Fitness
Michael Torchia

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CC YoungrenMuse Droppings
C.C. Youngren

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Benjamin Benedict

Author Benjamin Benedict lived in Los Angeles and wrote a number of short stories in the late seventies and early eighties. These were thought lost until some manuscripts were recently found in a garage near Van Nuys. Now the audios of three of these works can be heard and downloaded from www.benbenbooks.com.

After this, it seems that he began journeying around the South American Continent though not much is known about this. In 2003, some of his 'shorthands' were sent to a UK website from an internet cafe in Mexico City. These were entitled 'Smoke in the Air' and can now be viewed on www.benjaminbenedict.com.

Through a further series of coincidental events, Mr Benedict's current 'shorthands' have recently been sent directly to us from a number of internet locations in Lima, and La Paz under the title of 'Loose Talk' . They are more 'journalistic' than what has gone before, and we shall be publishing them here both for your enjoyment and for the record.

How To Get Out Of Iraq
Blind Faith
We Know Nothing
A bitish British
Future Prospects
Know Thine Enemy

Drive My Car
Life’s Lessons
Causes Celebre
The Internot
A Close Run Thing
Cutting The Mustard
'Green Light' - Beyonce
 A Change Is As Good As A Rest
We Are That Alright
Community Service
Good Ole’ American Know-How!
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Book Reviews
On A Roll
'Rainbow Bridge': A Personal Take
Loose Ends
Hitting The Spot

Reach Out And Take It
Mind Games
Dehydration Nation
Emit Remit
Turn, Turn, Turn
Conspiracy, What Conspiracy?
Too Smart By Half
A Sign Of Genius
If Only I Had A Vote!
Say Cheese
Conforming To Ourselves
A Trick Of The Light
A Sporting Chance
The Olympic Image
What Does China Think?
Down The Line
Lingo Lozenge
The Importance Of Being
An Unfortunate Accident
Wind, Sand and Stars
Prize Enough
Dean Dyson
Separate Tables
Olympic Gamble
The Locust Years
Gun Law
Bare Arms
Freaky Beaks

Common Sense
Everyone Should Have One
The Parable of Flight 1549

Slave New World
Accidents Waiting To Happen
Stood Up
Venice to Vienna
Netlistings Columnists
Second Stage Aquarian Age
Empty Vessels
The Lines of Tribes
The Mix
A Nod to God
Butterfly Summer
Toba, Toba, Toba
Thank You for Being There
Short Lived Species
Boys Just Wanna Have Fun
Ballroom Days
Out Of Control
To Sleep, Perchance To Dream
Benny Takes a Trip
Abe and His Coconuts
Health Care
Climate Change
It Works For Me
Food For All
Hi Ben, it’s Barack
Pulped Fiction
Prime Ministers Questions
Recipe For Success
Being There But Not
Thoughts from the Top of a Hill

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