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LNPIn My Opinion By:Lynn Paris

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TL JohnsonI'm Just Sayin'
By: T.L. Johnson

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C.C. Youngren Conrad Youngren is a retired Professor of Engineering with the State University of New York, and before that, a merchant seaman. He has “slaughtered trees writing boring technical stuff” but his real writing has taken the form of correspondence on a wide range of topics—from baseball to politics to religion—as well as some Op-Ed pieces for the Westchester Gannett Chain of newspapers. He has however, been talking to himself for many years, frequently arguing, and often losing those arguments. He has finally decided to share his eclectic interests with a broader audience.
Sea Stories
Sea Stories II
The DH
Why is the Surgeon General an Admiral?
Bowling for Dollars
Cap’n Trade
Thin-ice Dancing
Random Thoughts
Power Out(r)age
The Value of the Absurd

Gulf Goo
Law & Order, RIP
Chance Encounters…
The Penguin Joke

Iraq in the Rear View Mirror
First Contact
Attention—Deficit Disorder!
The Great Compromise

Dec 21, 2012
Benghazi, Wisconsin
Man & Nature
The Obama Doctrine & Other Random Thoughts

Sea Stories III
Chickens, Eggs, Supply & Demand
The Super-Duper Committee
Butterfly Effect

Dark Stuff
Congress Declares Itself a Vegetable
The Liber-Cons
Deep in the Heart of Taxes

I Hate It When That Happens
Outside the Box
DH - Revisited
Sea Thoughts - Three Vignettes

SCOTUS Hocus Pocus
Robert Creamer, RIP
Conventional Wisdom
Dear Pres-ernor Obomney

Dilemma in the Booth
Thanks, but No.
There Are No Words...
The Cisco Kidís Horse

Bizarro News
Alternative Alternative Energy
Out of the Cocoon
PEDs in Syria?

(More) Depressing Thoughts
The 60ís Did Not Exist

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