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Clint Lien, our neighbor to the north, has enjoyed great success as a screen-writer, TV story editor, producer and even a one-time music video director. He produced the franchise horror film “The Fear II-” two copies of which ended up in every video store across North America and many foreign markets as well. In February '04 Clint sold his script “Dead Weight” to Heap Entertainment. Production is scheduled to begin in '05.

After more than 2 years writing for Netlistings, Clint is taking a well-deserved hiatus. We look forward to his return.

When I first got married
Men who sit in bars know
That's what the guy said
The North and the South
In God's Image
Find something you love
My Adventures in Hollywood
I've been hired to write a movie
Night Clubs - Why Bother?
Whatever the cost may be.
The horror! The horror!
The Myth of the Coward
Arabs part II
Just Call Me King
Mid-Life Crisis
Looking Back
The Land of the Behemoth
Ask Clint
"Journey of an Ironman"
"The Borg Factor"
The Things I Know
The man doth protest..
When Worlds Collide
Life's "To Do" Lists
"Let's Talk"
Clint Lien - the lost months
"Back in L.A."
"The Youth of Today"
"Getting It Right"
"Joe Schmo"
"Bob the Liar"
My Week in Cabo
Dear Diary
The Fall of the Empire
There's Nothing to Watch
My Home Address
The Sasser Worm Ate My Homework
"Alive and Dangerous"
"Alive and Dangerous" Part II
"Alive and Dangerous" Part III
"I Remember"
"The Voting Game"
"'Tis The Season"
Closing Time
"She's A Witch – Burn Her!"

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