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LNPIn My Opinion By:Lynn Paris

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Michael TorchiaOperation Fitness
Michael Torchia

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CC YoungrenMuse Droppings
C.C. Youngren

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Joseph C. Phillips

Joseph C. Phillips is an actor and writer, perhaps best known as one of the stars of The Cosby Show. He was also a three-time NAACP award nominee for his role as attorney Justus Ward on the daytime drama General Hospital and was the mayor on The District. Mr. Phillips has had essays published in Essence magazine, Newsweek, USA today and the College Digest among others.


Battling The Christmas Blues
A Year of Life Changing Events
God and Civics
The Blessing of Life
The Real Gamble with SS
Black Manhood
Love, Pride and Headaches
Earth To Michael
The Whining of the Majority
A Fox in Hot Water

Remembering Luther
Social Security and Immigration
Gay Bullies
The Other Story of Katrina
A Government that Cares
A Government that Cares - Part 2
American Idealism
Straight Thuggin'
Putting My Foot Into The Thanksgiving Prayer
Tookie Goes Hollywood
Christmas Magic
Listening In On Americans
The Healing Power of Children's Laughter
The Knicks Dropped the Ball
Real Sports Don't Have Sequins
Jonesing For Chocolate
The Ear and Voice of the People
Does God Buy Off The Rack?

Immigration Debate Parte Dos
Celebrating Soul Radical Christianity
A Place Called Home Revisiting Hope A Good Sword is Hard to Find
The Immigrant Zone Racial Convolutions The Football Bridge
Comedy of Virtue MTV at 25 Old Fashioned Marriage Part 5: Moral Standards
Nothing to Crow About Part 2 Arrogance in Public Education Sharing Blessings During the Holiday Season

The Question of Education Filling Obama Freedom or Fairness?
Playing to the Back of the House Détente Through Strength New Jack Affirmative Action
New Year Blues Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell and Don’t Disagree New Jack Affirmative Action-continued
Miracle Weight Loss The Power of White Racism Charles
The Price of Good Intentions Zimbabwe American Style Anniversary Thoughts
The Real Cost of Good Intentions Part 2 Prices: The True Friend of The Environment Say Hey! Che

Michael Vick Deaf to Race Thanksgiving Soul
Football Father Reconciling Faith Old Fashioned Marriage Part 9: A Testing
Sebastian Hating on Cosby Old Fashioned Marriage Part 10: Marriage For Children
Conservative Challenges
Democratric Backbone God and Civics

Hope and Death in Health care A Matter of Honor Doing “Good” with Health Care
People Say the Dumbest Things Building Better Communities Let the Games Begin
Becoming an Obamacan No Country for Old Men God and Percocet
A Global War of Ideas On the Question of Race are we Coming or Going? Good Cops

The Birds and the Bees The Master of My Fate Follow Your Heart
Ordained by God Slaying Cynicism and Offering Hope Liberal contempt:  A Hard Habit to Break
Wrong Answer Above my Pay Grade Walking the Walk
Listening to Obama How Things Work Be Careful What You Ask For

Other Than That Mrs. Lincoln, How Did You Enjoy the Play? Governor Mary Poppins Liberal Indoctrination
The Fix is In The New Birth of Cool New Deal Man Cave
Righteousness Where Art Thou? Past is Perfect Climate Realists
Anthropo –who? Never Having To Say You Were Wrong What did Daddy Learn?  Climate Realists Part 2

Crack Book Resuscitating the GOP Resetting Our Moral Clocks
The Lamp of Vigilance Resuscitating the GOP 2: The Brand The Good Stuff
A Faustian Bargain The Right-Wing Tango Why Do You Love America?
40 Nights of Great Sex Having Your Racial Cake and Eating it Too Three health care stories

Crystal Anniversary The Real Myth of Health Care A New Morning of Race in America
Healthcare and Cynicism Health Care Analogies Health Care and the Moral Imperative
Passing the Healthcare Smell Test A Political Warranty The Sarah Palin Thing
Town Halls on Race What is Pornographic? What is Hip? King of the Blacks

New Years Pessimism I’ve Got Your Deficit Commission Right Here! Race Is the Least of the Problems
Harry Reid is not a Racist Saving the Soul of the Religious Left Of Flags and Cinco de Mayo
The Wisdom of Massachusetts Voters Conservative or Conservationist? Government to the Rescue
Don’t Miss the Point and Don’t Miss Out A Toast to the Administrative State The Error of Rand Paul

The Sestak Affair Will Not Go Quietly Tolerance and the Ground Zero Mosque GOP Resurgence:  What’s a Cynic to Do?
The Leadership Deficit Is America Only for White People? Fed-Up With The Transportation Safety Administration
Assessing the True Cost of Liberty The Absurdity of the Racialist Playbook Sell-outs at the NAACP
Clarity and the New Black Panther Party Humorless Muslims and Annoying Christians The Failing Promise of Public Education

Who Is John Locke?    

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