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T.L.JohnsonI'm Just Sayin'
By: T.L. Johnson

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CC YoungrenMuse Droppings
C.C. Youngren

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Lynn Paris
Lynn Paris is a gifted writer whose work can be seen on the walls of Museums and Visitor
Centers throughout the country. Recently she completed a 2-year assignment for Universal
as Content Director—writing the exhibit text as well as all original video and
interactive scripts—for the redesign of the George Bush Presidential Library and Museum.
From the Hollywood Entertainment Museum to the Hoover Dam Visitor Center, from The
Prisoner of War Museum in Andersonville, GA to the Lakota Museum in South Dakota, she has
interpreted history and brought figures from the past to life for millions to enjoy. Ms. Paris is currently working in the Division of Marketing and Communications at Texas A&M University.
The new millennium
How little someone's word
It's spring time
Who can you trust
Walking down 3rd Street
Turned totally upside down
In Memoriam
What's the deal
Time Bomb
Prescription for Confusion
Lost and Found
Parallel Worlds
Change of Pace
Per Chance To Dream
Measure of a Man
Tax Man
The Wonder of Weddings
Random Thoughts
"...We All Scream for Ice Cream"
Diary of a Sports Fan
'Tis The Season
Money Matters
From the Absurd to the Sublime
The War.."Conflicting Views"
Something to think about
As far as Wars go..
Who's Fooling Who?
I'ts Our Choice
"I Can't Do It All Myself"
What We Deserve
The Truths of a Dream
"Crossed The Line"
Going Camping(?)
Camping and Campaigning
Thoughts on the Election
Thatís All There Is
Reality and Me
Adventures in Museum Land
Talking To Heroes
Quality Television
Greetings From Texas

Germs, Vitamins…and Ice Skates?
The Ice Is Falling!
It Was Only Rock and Roll
Another One Bites the Dust
Sick in America
Two Presidents
What Religion Should Do
The George Bush Presidential Library and Museum: Job Completed
Maxed Out
UFOs and God
Politics and Religion Revisited
Doing “Good” With Health Care: A Rebuttal
There’s this guy I know
Here's my Column
Graduation Day
A Shame
Standing Tall

I Remember Where I Was
Getting Older
What I Needed
It's Just That Simple
Mere Speechwriting
Overload: Facebook, Twitter, Blogs, and American Idol

Brilliant Idealism
Finding My Bearings
Healthcare in America?
Who Cares About Health Care?
I’m Losing My Patience

What Are YOUR Options?
The Hole
Rose-colored Glasses
A No Win Situation
The Magic of Facebook
Here . . . or the Philippines
I Beg To Differ

What’s Really Horrifying Me
We Should Be Screaming
No Big Government, Except . . .
Church Shopping
Thoughts About A Real Life...
Chalk Talk
Right Or Not Right
Fear in America
I Can Hardly Wait
I Finally Get It
Be Careful What You Wish For
Doing Our Part
Whose Budget Will We Get?

Is This What You REALLY Want?
Palm Sunday
Getting Things Right
Here We Go Again
Time to Play Offense
Get It Done
Think Big, Mr. President
"Lost and Found" 10-01-01
Class Warfare and Other Absurdities
The Occupy Movement
Note to Republicans
It’s Time To Take A Break
Into the Breach
Brief Thoughts About Santorum
Some Advice For Obama

A Clear Choice
Why The Right Fears Obama
Dueling Plans for the Economy
The Emperor’s New Clothes
Voting For NOBama
Swan Song
For The Undecided
Make Him Go Away
Rest In Peace
A Personal Heisman Moment
Welcome to the SEC
The Great Divide

The Irony of Budget
To Sir Paul, With Love
What Republicans Have Done....
Can America Be Saved?

Five Things That Drive Me Crazy  

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