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The 60’s Did Not Exist
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I'm Just Sayin
T.L. Johnson

Lies and Fear


I don’t know who said it first but it was said by a wise person somewhere that: “There’s no problem so big that it can’t be overcome with brute force and stupidity.”

Are you unemployed, disenfranchised, struggling to get by? Are you a woman who thinks you should be able to decide what to do with your body and your reproductive system rather than have some government agency populated by rich old white men who haven’t a clue? Are you on Medicare or Medicaid because you are a senior citizen or too poor to afford health insurance for you and/or your family? Are you of some ethnic background other than Caucasian or Western European? Do you think there is a compassionate, thoughtful, considerate member of the Tea Party who gives a flip about you? Think again. The Tea Party, or the American Taliban, (this is absolutely a must see video) as they were referred to in an episode of HBO’s “Newsroom”, which by the way, seems like an apt description, doesn’t care or want you to have any of those benefits or options. If they can’t win your vote outright, they will do everything in their power to “legally” keep you from voting.  

The Ted Cruzes and the Paul Ryans and the Eric Cantors and Rand Pauls of the world don’t care about you, unless of course you are one of their rich benefactors.  Their main concern is self aggrandizement, offering oral gratification to their corporate overlords, and doing away with programs that further the interests of the people on whose backs this country was built. They have successfully, of late, killed a bill to extend unemployment benefits to those who have been unable to find work of any kind, let alone work that they are grossly overqualified for. They recently managed to get $40,000,000,000 cut from the SNAP program (food stamps), a cut which is far beyond the capability of any private charity to compensate for while at the same time engineering a government shutdown that cost taxpayers $24,000,000,000. They have done or said nothing about cutting the corporate welfare in the form of subsidies to the corporate owned farms, the coal industry, the oil industry, the drug industry, etc., etc., etc., all of which post profits in the billions of dollars. They have said nothing nothing and “paying” for them with tax cuts for the wealthy. There is no “war on poverty” anymore but rather a war on the impoverished and why not, they can’t fight back.

The Tea Party is made up of cowards and liars who would have you believe that it is the fault of the poor with their grubby hands out that has led us to where we are economically speaking. They have done nothing to empower the poor, or the middle class for that matter. The House Republicans voted down a bill to raise the minimum wage in March of 2013, you know, a bill that might give the working poor a chance to get off welfare. Minimum wage is lower now, by comparison, than it was in the 1950s. If the minimum wage workers were to get off welfare, then they [Tea Party] would not have that drum to beat anymore, blaming the poor for being poor. They have not promoted a jobs bill or infrastructure projects of any kind that would be a source of jobs because that would be against their mantra of “smaller government.” We would all like to have a smaller government but human nature being what it is, and the Tea Party is a prime example of this, whenever someone gets a little power, they invariably abuse it: case in point; Wall Street. It is particularly true in the economy.  All of this would not be any threat to their ultra rich sponsors, quite the opposite, but they insist on keeping the thumb of oppression on the underprivileged just so that they can blame President Obama as the perpetrator of creating a welfare class.

According to Salon magazine, the second in command of the soulless bastards who identify themselves as the Tea Party, Representative Paul Ryan, took it upon himself to give Pope Francis a short “how to” on how capitalism works because as we all know, Pope Francis is out of touch with how the world works and if there is anyone fit to tell him, it’s that arrogant, lying schmuck, Paul Ryan. Someone should probably go and see if there is an overturned turnip truck in the Vatican parking lot.

Now; with all that being said about the Tea Party, let’s not forget that the more moderate Republican leadership (shaking my head and laughing as I type this), as if there were such a thing, is very nearly useless, powerless, clueless. First you have John Boehner, Speaker of the House, who for all his brave talk and finger pointing at President Obama, must have left his cajones in Ohio or wherever it is he goes to lick his wounds. Then there is Senator Mitch McConnell, who has all the charm and charisma of a piece of unpainted drywall, smugly, and again, this seems to be a Republican trait, telling the world that the number one job of the Republican party was to keep Barack Obama from having a second term, no mention of working with Obama or even with fellow Republicans for that matter, to address the ills of the country. Is it any wonder that the economy is in the toilet, the rich keep getting richer? We have wars that never end, cost multiples of trillions of dollars, and that our government is in gridlock, that our secrets, military and otherwise are being smuggled out of the country? With the mentality that seems to rule the Republican Party and the Tea Party in particular, it’s amazing that it isn’t worse.

Coming Attractions: The Morons of the Democratic Party or How I Learned to Survive in Spite of Their Help

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